Leica Geosystems L2P5

The Leica Lino L2P5 is a self-levelling multifunctional laser.
It combines the advantage of a cross-line laser and a point laser in one tool.
It is a reliable precision laser for any kind of tasks like levelling, plumbing, transferring and setting out right angles.

Together with the smart adapter set it is possible to position the tool in the most optimal spot in any room.

To be able to detect the laser lines over long distances or in unfavourable lighting conditions, the laser receiver can be used.

Stan Maes Product Design was responsible for the ergonomics, housing design, cad-modelling, color/trim/graphics.

Blaser Infinity Scope Family

“If the design of the riflescope is optimally aligned with the firearm, the result is a combination of unparalleled elegance and performance.”

This high aimed target was reached with the design of the infinity rifle scope family.
The same sporty elegance as the R8 Professional Success flew into the design of these scopes.
Scope and rifle become one: an unprecedented solution.

Find out more on https://www.blaser.de/produkte/blaser-optik-die-infinity-serie/


LEDit-Bi is a wall lamp shining in two directions (Bi-directional).

The shade is build up out of two materials (Bi-material cover). The aluminium profile holds a foil that in its material and color can be adapted to your interior and style.

As well with the light as with the design of the shade, an accent is set. The here used light sources are standard available bulbs. Any replacement is easy and assured.

Produced by Eden Design.


Standing meetings or a informal aperitif before dinner at the same table is perfectly possible with this design.

With the height adjustable ends you can transform the table quickly for different purposes.

The first prototype is standing in my kitchen. You are always welcome to have look!


A suspension light for long tables.

The basic structure, an H-formed aluminium profile profide with supporting arms, is surrounded by a volume build by a glow-in-the-dark wire.

Since the wire is hand-woven, every model is unique.

DNA is provided with two LED-strips; one RGBW and one warm white. Both strips shine in two directions; up and down.

JAGA Vertiga Emo Collection

Vertiga is a completely new type of low water temperature radiator. Two dynamic heat exchangers with horizontal air flow achieve ultrahigh power even at low water temperatures.

Due to its low thermal mass and the ultraconductive materials it´s easier to regulate and is proven to be more energy efficient.

To emphasise the dynamic technology underneath, a collection of emotional panel designs is developed. The three models -Vertex, Helix and Calyx- translate the air movement in a formal language inspired by nature.

Technology, the slick architectural basis and the emotional cover are combined in a deliberately balanced way.

Blaser Optics

Where else are binoculars used so intensively and under such varying conditions as when hunting?

The team was challenged to develop binoculars that are completely tailored to the requirements of hunting.

We worked with the best and brightest minds in the business for this task. The result is first-class hunting optics “Made in Germany”.

Find out more on blaser-optics.de/en/


In co-operation with Comate ( Engineering & Design), Stan Maes Product Design has been responsible for the exterior design of the brand new KOBI.

This little robot gardener can cut the grass, rake up leaves and plough snow.

For more information check www.thekobi.com


Design of a walking boot with special features for hunters.

Consequent implementation of the typical timeless elegant formal language of Blaser.

The expected selling volume for the first year was exceeded after two weeks: mission completed!

Geomax ZAL132

Client: Geomax www.geomax.de

Project: ZAL132 https://www.geomax-positioning.com/Levels_625.htm

Stan Maes Product Design created a new family of construction site levels for GEOMAX

Visual coherence and cost optimized housing were the main targets in this project.

3D CAD construction files of all visible Parts were delivered at the end.

Geomax ZAL232

Client: Geomax www.geomax.de

Project: ZAL232 https://www.geomax-positioning.com/Levels_625.htm

Stan Maes Product Design created a new family of construction site levels for GEOMAX

Visual coherence and cost optimized housing were the main targets in this project.

3D CAD construction files of all visible Parts were delivered at the end.

Audiodata Art One

Client: Audiodata www.audiodata.com
Project: Audiodata Art One

Every new loudspeaker is a challenge for Audiodata to exceed its own limits.

Shortly after the presentation of the preeminent Master One, we have taken on a task, which could hardly be more ambitious: let us transfer the performance of our reference loudspeaker into a more compact housing.

The result of this challenge is manifested in one of the most exciting speakers of the past 30 years.

Leica L4P1


Client: Leica  www.leica-geosystems.be
Project: L4P1

Leica Geosystems wins a Red Dot Award with the product design of the L4P1


With his surrounding black bumper, the L4P1 not only communicates ruggedness, it assures durability. Optimal handling performance is reached by clever ergonomics and use of premium materials. The consequent design of the user interface makes the L4P1 to a recognisable part of an existing family.

For environmental reasons the L4P1 is delivered with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack. The user still has the possibility to use normal batteries if necessary.

Leica NA532


Client: Leica  www.leica-geosystems.be
Project: NA532

Leica Geosystems wins an IF award with the product design of the NA532 Level by Stan Maes.

The NA532 is developed to be the technical and formal platform of a new generation of Levels.

The dynamic, differentiating design incorporates the brands identity.

The consequent design of the user interface makes the NA532 to a recognisable part of an existing family.

The use of high quality materials not only fulfils the high expectations of the target group but makes the NA532 to an environmentally durable product

Audiodata Master One

Client: Audiodata www.audiodata.com
Project: Audiodata Master One

Audiodata was grounded by Peter Schippers in 1982.

Building on the excellent technical basis, Hannes Palfinger and Franz Stöger created the newly founded Audiodata Speaker GmbH which is headquartered in Salzburg.

The Master One is the first result of a new generation.

The combination of high quality components, elected materials and a pure but emotional design make the Master One to a unique product with an amazing sound.